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Server Side Analysis Tools

Hosting Server Type Checker This tool uses your domain name to find server type the website is hosted on. Knowing the server type is very important in SEO, especially when you want to rewrite the dynamic URLs or do URL redirection etc.

IP Address Checker This tool allow import of multiple hosts and display its IP addresses and host country.

Domain Age Tool This tools displays the approximate age of multiple domains.

Server Header Checker This tool queries server header of a given URL.

SE Listing Analysis Tools

Search Engine Listing Checker This tool checks and lists the number of webpages indexed by Google and Yahoo for your website.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Free Press Release Checking Tool The ‘PR Checking Tool’ is the most convenient way to find out the current status of your press release submissions. The tool has been designed to make it easier for the client as well as the press release organizer to get the current status of any particular PR.

Google Result Analysis Tools

Google Dance Tool Google dance tool to identify and track their search engine rankings during Google dance. It helps you instantly identify where your website is going to land in Google SERPs.

Google Results Comparison Tool This tool show result for different search type query – allinanchor:allintitle:allintext:allinurl:

Google Page Rank Analysis Tools

Internal Pages Google PageRank Checker This tool checks multiple websites and show if listed with DMOZ directory or not.

Link Building Analysis Tools

Link Popularity Checker This tool check the backlinks for a particular website from following search engines. It should also show the link text (anchor text) used to link to a particular website.

Mirror / Duplicate Analysis Tools

Duplicate Content Checker Tool This tool will take the 5 samples from the body text and search on Google using quotes and list down all such URLs which uses the same content.

Webpage Analysis Tools

Web Page Size CheckerThis tool display total webpage size with breakdown of size for images, text, code etc.

Javascript Code Checker This tool will check if the website uses any search engine unfriendly Javascript elements. JS onclick, mouseover, rollover functions etc., are search engine unfriendly.

Spider View Analysis Tools

Search Engine Spider Simulator This tool simulate search engines and display how a search engine would crawl and index the website pages. It’s a good tool to predict your Google listings.

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