Ensign services

• Network Infrastructure

◦ Ensign provides solutions for your Network, whatever your needs are.
Backed up with its long experience in different environment, Ensign
provides the best solutions with the most suitable cost to satisfy its
◦ The network covered by Ensign varies between Wired Ethernet (CAT6
cables), Fiber cables, Wireless on 2.4GHz and Wireless on 5GHz.
◦ Ensign offers the passive and active components needed for the network.
This includes and not limited to Switches, Access Points, Controllers and

• Consultancy

◦ Whenever you feel that you need someone to give you a hand in your
network, Ensign comes with its experience to give you the needed help with
the fastest support with the most convenient price to solve your problem
and resume your service as soon as possible.
◦ Ensign helps you to plan and design your network with the latest
technologies for the best results and performance. Ensign is committed to
offer the best advice to its clients to guarantee the service quality.


◦ Ensign offers the latest technology of VOIP based on the well known Opensource IPPBX, Astersik. By having such a service from Ensign, you will get
the following:
▪ Complete replacement of the Legacy PBX
▪ Lower operational cost
▪ Easy configuration and administration
▪ Easy to relocate phones
▪ Uses the date infrastructure
▪ Simplicity of connecting branches
▪ Supports roaming users
▪ Simple IVR implementation with high flexibility
▪ Supports VOICE Mail
▪ Supports grouping of extensions
▪ Recording of Inbound and Outbound calls
▪ Control of outbound calls with PIN codes
▪ Routing outside calls per destination saving cost
▪ Rapid deployment with minimum

• Firewalls

◦ Ensign utilizes its experience in the open-source field to present a cost
effective modular firewall with the following features:
▪ Based on secure Linux OS for better performance and security
▪ Integrated with Proxy server for browsing control and reporting
▪ Integrated with QoS system for BW control
▪ Built-in DHCP server
▪ Real-Time monitoring tools
▪ Integrated with WebServer
▪ Integrated with Backup system for the company sensitive files through the network
▪ Free command-line Anti-Virus

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